New year, new life, new blog

At the beginning of 2020 I moved to Bangkok (Thailand) to join Omise as API Software Engineer and I couldn’t imagine the big change it was going to bring to our lives, nobody could do it.

To start from zero in a new city and a new job I had to add months locked at home and travel nowhere even to visit family for the first time in the last 10 years. But looking back, it has been good year for me.

I had time to learn new things and put some stuff in order in my life. Also, after June I had the opportunity to discover Bangkok in depth because situation has been pretty safe here, make new connections, meet new friends while I developed my skills working for one of the most promissing Startups in Thailand that was able to raise $80 Million in the middle of this global situation.

After a year with its ups and downs is time to move forward and focus on the goals that I set for this year. Consume Less and Create More like publishing my first mobile app and the book that I’ve been writing about the process because, although I worked the last few years building APIs with Ruby on Rails, I’ve found very funny and useful to can build Cross-Platform apps with React Native.

Also, start blogging again about tech, programming or traveling with the idea of share notes that I use to save in Notion and that maybe are useful for someone else.