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Integrate SPL Tokens - Building a Solana Open Source Cross-Platform Wallet App

Now that the Wallet App has implemented the basic operations to:

  • Create Accounts
  • Get Balances
  • Receive SOL
  • Send SOL
  • Request an Airdrop

It’s the turn of integrate SPL Tokens.

What is a SPL Token?

The Solana Program Library or SPL is the token standard of the Solana Blockchain, similar to ERC20 on Ethereum.

SPL Tokens can be traded on Serum, a Solana based decentralized exchange.

Token Program

Token Program defines a common implementation for Fungible and Non Fungible Tokens...

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My first impressions after one month learning and building with Web3 and Solana

I’ve been learning and building with Web3 for almost one month and I have to say that it’s mind blowing and more having a background working with Traditional Payment Systems.

The best of this New Internet is that Web3 is Frictionless and Permissionless. Develop products and services with Traditional Payment Systems is the opposite and can be tough! Old technologies and systems, poor APIs or no API at all, tons of old style documentation and no help with issues in places like StackOverflow...

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development react native expo web3 solana

Derivation Path and Multiple Accounts from same Seed - Building a Solana Open Source Cross-Platform Wallet App

These days I’ve been reading and learning about how other Wallet Apps generate the accounts.

I noticed that there is something called Derivation Path.

What is Derivation Path

Derivation Paths are used in Wallets where you have a single, human readable, seed phrase that manages different accounts.

This allows to generate addresses by taking the seed and combining it with a derivation path and making possible to generate random accounts that depends of the same seed/phrase.

How Derivation...

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development react native expo web3 solana

Building a Solana Wallet Cross-Platform App with Expo, Web3 & React Native

As a developer I’ve been interested in the Blockchain space for long time and although a few years ago I started to learn Solidity for fun I didn’t build something real.

Few weeks ago, having a coffee in one of my favorite places here in the island I started to read about Solana and I found some easy Node scripts to do the basic operations with Web3 so I did one of the most dangerous things you can do :D

$ expo init solana-wallet

I thought that build a basic Wallet App could be a good...

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From the busy Bangkok to the quiet Ko Samui

After one year and half living in Bangkok and because the current situation was getting worse with new restrictions, I decided to move again. This time, to Ko Samui island.

I’ve never been in Ko Samui before but it looked like a good place to spend a few months. Not crowded, beach, mountain, better air quality and a lot of different options for long-term accommodation: condo, villa, hotel room, beachfront bungalows…

Living in Bangkok in a 35 sqm condo I felt the necessity off going out...

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Boilerplate to start building Cross-Platform Apps with Expo and React Native

Expo and React Native is the perfect combination to build Cross-Platform Apps.

When I started to build Apps using this approach I had to understand the limitations and that, although, the React Native ecosystem is big I cannot use all the libraries if I wanted to run my app on Web, Native & Desktop with a single codebase.

There are different libraries to do the same job and it’s important to choose the one that fits better and is cross-platform.

What are you going to find in this boilerplate

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Create a Rails API + Postgres with Docker from scratch without having to even install Ruby locally

Every time that I have to start a new project (Ruby, Rails, JS…) I always start Docker first! This means, I never install a single Gem or Package on my local machine.

It helps me to avoid conflicts with different versions of the same package, lost dependencies in the system and so on.

Everything that I use for development on my laptop runs in a Docker container, even Neovim.

This is an example of how to create, step by step, a Ruby on Rails API + Postgres and the only thing you need to...

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My experience at YCombinator Startup School Online

YCombinator (YC) is one of the most known Startup Accelerator Programs in the World. It was founded in 2005 and it invests $120.000 for 7% in seed funding. Startups like Stripe, Airbnb, Dropbox, Reddit, Twitch or Coinbase used it to launch their companies.

To give you an idea how big is, the combined valuation of the top YC companies is over $300 billions (Jan 2021)

Early this year a friend talked me about the Startup School Online: A free 4-week online course to build and launch your...

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ES6 for React Developers

When I started my travel with React Native I noticed that my skills in Javascript were totally obsoleted. As Full-Stack Ruby on Rails developer, the Javascript that I’ve been doing for years was very basic and focused in the use of jQuery mainly for the Frontend and some CoffeeScript. So understanding the modern JS was crucial to can be proficient writing and understanding React.

First, looking at ES6 I could see that it’s a big change with respect to the “old JS” bringing a lot of new features...

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Create Cross-Platform Apps With React Native and Expo

I’ve spent most of my career working as Full Stack Developer, mainly building products in Ruby on Rails, but the last few years I’ve been working most of the time building APIs.

Because sometimes I missed the Frontend and because I’m always trying to learn new things, I decided to give a try to learn how to build Mobile apps.

In the past, I played with RubyMotion or Swift but a few years ago while I was having some time off at Indian Himalayas I met some React Native developers that showed...

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bangkok place rooftop

Lumpini Park from SO Sofitel Rooftop Bar

Lumpini Park from SO Sofitel Rooftop Bar

Lumpini Park is the largest green space in downtown Bangkok and it is best seen from Park Society, a rooftop cocktail bar at SO Sofitel Bangkok Hotel

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New year, new life, new blog

At the beginning of 2020 I moved to Bangkok (Thailand) to join Omise as API Software Engineer and I couldn’t imagine the big change it was going to bring to our lives, nobody could do it.

To start from zero in a new city and a new job I had to add months locked at home and travel nowhere even to visit family for the first time in the last 10 years. But looking back, it has been good year for me.

I had time to learn new things and put some stuff in order in my life. Also, after June I had...

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