Hey 👋 I'm Jose!

Ruby/Ruby on Rails Engineer based in Bangkok, Thailand 🇹🇭


A Software Engineer with +20 years of experience, specialized in Ruby on Rails

I've been a Software Engineer for over 20 years, working with teams worldwide, mainly focusing on Ruby/Ruby on Rails.

I love building systems easy to maintain, test, and scale. Leading teams is something I really enjoy too.

Six years ago, I made the move to Bangkok, Thailand, and it's been an incredible base for me.

When I'm not working, I'm usually working out, traveling, or playing video games. These things keep me fresh and full of new ideas.

  1. Oivan TH Current

    Team Lead driving the delivery, testing, and integration of a pioneering service in Saudi Arabia.

  2. Factorial

    Lead the strategic migration from Stripe to Chargebee to expand market reach.

  3. Aurora Labs

    Lead the implementation of a wallet in Rainbow Bridge for seamless token transactions across Aurora, Ethereum, and NEAR networks.

  4. Opn

    Key contributor in migrating to VisaNet, slashing processing fees by 90%.

  5. Workspoke

    Orchestrated Coinbase integration to enable invoice payments via crypto wallets, developed API wrappers for enhanced payment processing.

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