From the busy Bangkok to the quiet Ko Samui

After one year and half living in Bangkok and because the current situation was getting worse with new restrictions, I decided to move again. This time, to Ko Samui island.

I’ve never been in Ko Samui before but it looked like a good place to spend a few months. Not crowded, beach, mountain, better air quality and a lot of different options for long-term accommodation: condo, villa, hotel room, beachfront bungalows…

Living in Bangkok in a 35 sqm condo I felt the necessity off going out a lot to have some “fresh air” or sitting in a coffee shop for a few hours to work. But during this time of pandemic, unfortunately there was restrictions for months that doesn’t allow to do that. Moreover, facilities at buildings like swimming pool and gym were closed, even parks. So basicaly, I could stay at home or go to grab a coffee for take-away.

Here things are different, at least for now. Restrictions are much less, I can have a walk on the beach, there are more open places and most important: for less than $100 more a month than what I was paying in Bangkok I live in a Villa with private pool and 4 times bigger! Just in case things get worse now I have enough open spaces at home like a big balcony with stunning views or the garden next to the pool to not feel looked up.

So, almost 2 months later living here I can say that it was the right decision. I escaped from Bangkok at the right time!

Moreover, Ko Phangan & Ko Tao are very close so easy to travel to spend a few days exploring them.

I’m having a great time building and studying while looking for the next job. Also, living close to nature and listening birds instead of the traffic noise I feel more comfortable and motivated to workout and do yoga every day or just sit and read in calm.