Full Stack developer specialized in Ruby on Rails

Working from anywhere

Echo Beach - Canggu (Bali) | Indonesia


Design, code & deployment


Backend development in Ruby on Rails with solid knowledge in Frontend. Now playing with Static Website Generators like Middleman.


Setup, provision & deployment. Tools such as Ansible and Docker as well as platforms such as Heroku, Digital Ocean & AWS.

Exploring: iOS app development, Node.js & React

I enjoy learning, building & sharing from anywhere


I use to write about development, freelance, travel, ...

José Ferrer

Hi! I'm José Ferrer

I'm a Full Stack developer that really enjoy building projects and learning new technologies. I mainly work with Ruby on Rails framework for backend development.

Now, I'm working fulltime for Inspiring Benefits developing new products, upgrading some projects to the current Rails version and optimizing our web servers and deployments.